Poems for Sarah

Zur Veröffentlichung wurden freigegeben die Gedichte, die ich dereinst zur Eroberung einer Frau schrieb. Die meisten sind auf Englisch. Chronologisch gelesen besitzen sie eine ganz eigentümliche Dramaturgie. Der größte Wendepunkt ist, dass sie mich erhörte. Den Umschlag gestaltete meine Schwester Berdine Ballauff.

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Laß uns unzertrennlich sein

wie die Agaporniden

stets zu zwein und nie allein

im Jammertal hienieden.

World Sensation !


TAGEBUCH is happy and proud to announce that our partner site POSTE RESTANTE – Ansichtskarten aus Griechenland is now also featuring postcards in the Englisch. Yes, it is true. We have spared neither costs nor efforts and have managed to acquire 100 postcards sent from Greece to jolly old UK. Finally it will be possible for serious scientific students of the postcard to compare the writings of the Germanic peoples to home and the English peoples to home. My first conclusion (not yet verified by peer study): the British talk more about the winds. Maybe cause of Beaufort. I keep them posted and you can see (read) for yourselves. Merry new year from TAGEBUCH.

Below see example:

17th May 1990
There is a 1000 ft drop the other side of this church (honey comb themed roof and remains of simple painting on walls They cover the few religious vestments over altar with polythene v. necessary because of the rats!) it is at the top of a fortified village built on a rock island it’s the last stronghold in the Peloponnese – shades of Turkey with ruins everywhere – fascinating Cyclades islands white roofed houses Peloponnese more like Turkey. Working our way to the Ionian islands.

Find more lovely postcards (some English, mostly German, only few Dutch) here.